Sunday, January 30, 2011

fused plastic bags

i'm really tired but i decided that posting this will be my last task today, so i've been fusing plastic bags for 5 days now, for those of you who don't know what fusing means. it means using heat to attach plastic bags together, and with my sewing machine i was able to make some really nice things.

Notepad with fused plastic cover

Coasters with cardboard base

another set of fused plastic coasters



Another fused plastic bag


Branding with stamps

I've been reading a lot of articles on how to brand handmade products, one of the tips they mentioned is packaging.

Last year i used falafel bags for packaging my handmade products, they're really cheap and they are better than using plastic bags, i decided that i want my logo printed on those bags but i can't print on them so i decided to make stamps.

I used clay to make them and i also used different materials like nails and cans to create texture on the stamps. so here's what the packaging this year will look like..

nail stamp


 you can find this type of clay  at Istiklal sweifyeh for 2.25 jds (brown or white)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visualising Women's Rights

I was asked to do name tags for this workshop called visualising women's rights.they asked for something that people would want to keep

I used my Fused plastic bags with some random things i found like bottle caps and some cardboard, i used this on one side of the name tag with the logo of the workshop, i left the other side empty so the women who attended the workshop could add their own touch by using materials, which i also provided, and write their names on it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Year 2011 resolutions

This year started with getting organized, i re-decorated my workshop, i put shelves up and made a working bench that is 2.5 meters wide :)


This is by far the most interesting most fun project i ever worked on, i fused plastic bags together and created a new material.. i only made these so far, but i can't wait to do some more :)

I used to be a skateboard

This is one of the last things i've done last year, along with  the owner of Philadelphia Skate boards, he gave me some old broken skateboards and i upcycled them into jewellery, using my jigsaw :) i also did an art peice using two of his brand new skateboards, they were displayed at an event called City language at foresight art gallery.. along with 21 other artists.

Hamzet Wasel - upcycling workshop with the children of Jabal Al Qala'a

Hamzet Wasel is an intiative that works with local communities in amman. i worked with the kids from Jabal Al Qala'a at Souq Al Balad and we made small gift packages from egg cartons


Dana is a natural reserve south of Jordan, i went with my friend Molly down there to volunteer in a hotel and to teach women to make recycled crafts so they can sell them. it was one of the most satisfying experiences i ever had.. we slept in tents on the roof of the hotel and we drank a lot of tea

Wadi Dana

Drinking tea

our tents

A grasshopper i kept watching all night because i couln't sleep

Khaled, Alex and Molly helping me with my upcycled tree sculpture

The women's center in Qadeseyah

Khaled and I

The tree sculpture i gave as a gift to the hotel
Giving a workshop at the women's center