Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stop motion teaser

I worked on a stop motion video for the first time ever, it's fun but time consuming.. I'm working on another one that will be out soon :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Terra Alta Portugal

Pictures of my trip to Portugal August 2013

Rossio Lisbon
 there are always abandoned shoes in abandoned places

I dislocated my toe
where is stayed most of the trip

a picture of a toilet because why not?

The Atlantic ocean, maybe the most beautiful view i've ever seen

Compost Toilet

outdoor kitchen


beautiful yurt


My tiny contribution to Terra Alta

reading in my caravan

Roxxie and Dina in my team

Spiders everywhere

Sofia's art

hanging out near a cork tree


At the dome

sour dough bread

grey water sink

Friday, September 27, 2013

Khordda Branding

I started going to Sahab in April 2013, Sahab is an industrial zone in Amman. I started giving workshops to women there and after teaching a few workshops, the women picked up the skills i taught them very quickly and we got our first order within one month of work.

the women fusing plastic bags

Rand wearing one of the lamp shades on her head

Khittam sewing bags

fused plastic bags

When i started upcycling five years ago i immediately wanted to start a blog and create a brand, my twin sister suggested the name khordda "خردة" which means trash or unwanted and scattered objects.. at that time i felt that it's too strong of a word for a brand that sells artistic items but as i started going to Sahab and i started reading the word Khordda everywhere i go and because of all the scrap yards that actually sell Khordda, i felt that it fits the brand perfectly and as much as i love the name of my blog i feel that the brand should be less about me and my experiences and more about creating a community of people who love to create.

Maybe the word khordda is too strong of a word for people to accept but maybe the idea of what waste or Khordda is needs to change especially in our culture that demeans the garbage man for example, maybe it's time to be conscious that meaningless objects, small efforts of creating things are not that meaningless or small after all.

Khordda team
some of our products:

leather rings

tin can lanterns

website coming soon..

Qadesyeh workshops

Photos of my experience in Tafileh:

one of the homes in Qadeseyeh

one of the houses i wanted to rent

snow in Qadiseyeh

My bedroom / living room / office

i was walking on the clouds, literally!



My desk

women working on paper mache toys for kids

fusing plastic bags

fused plastic purse

sewing practice

paper logs out to dry

making paper logs

My fig tree

one of the homes, a living room that is also a kitchen