Sunday, January 30, 2011

fused plastic bags

i'm really tired but i decided that posting this will be my last task today, so i've been fusing plastic bags for 5 days now, for those of you who don't know what fusing means. it means using heat to attach plastic bags together, and with my sewing machine i was able to make some really nice things.

Notepad with fused plastic cover

Coasters with cardboard base

another set of fused plastic coasters



Another fused plastic bag



  1. hi! These are beautiful, and I have SO many plastic bags collected at home that I can't bring myself to throw out, I have been looking for an upcycle use for them. Seeing as they are mostly white or tan, how did you get such beautiful colors into these items? And how do you fuse them to create the fabric? from there I can make just about anything!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    I just hope you didn't stand too close & breathe in all the fumes created when you were fusing those bags together... :)

  3. stephanie i used grocery bags, the one you buy fruits and vegetables with.. i will post a tutorial very soon on how to make them, i think EVERYONE should start doing things with this material, because the options are endless!! Anselmooo i'm glad you liked them, i use very low heat and for longer time so there are no fumes

  4. Hello Hana

    That is so amazing mashallah.. I have tried to re use the plastic bags i have at home but it didnt work out with me how to fuse them, i cut three colors and put them under the iron on low heat but nothing happened!!!! What do you dvice!? And is there a specific sewing machine to use or the normal one with normal threads!!



  5. Are you still doing this? I have a press that was used to iron decals on t-shirts, that should work with a non stick sheet