Saturday, June 25, 2011

Princess Taghreed Institute upcycling program

i've been working with the Princess Taghreed Institute for Arts and Handicrafts development, the organization supports orphans and the underprivileged to secure their careers and provide them with constant sources of income through their work on one of the institute’s crafts, i'm now teaching them everything i've done last year, i needed more than just creating something and selling it, i felt there's no point, of course i want my products to be mass produced and i also want other people to benefit from making them, so far we have worked on the upcycled leather jewellery and newspaper crafts and other projects that i will post later, i hope that when we have enough items we will launch a small exhibition for people to come and support them.

Wa3ed working on the leather rings

Farida enjoying her time :)

zikrayat's rings

the girls working

all the rings and bracelets

the bracelets

upcycled leather rings

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  1. Yeah, stylish jewelry made from throw-away-scraps by girl who could use some $$$$! Brilliant! Can't wait to see them up close and personal.